Whipkey Offers HVAC Financing in Moundsville, WV

Replacing your heating and cooling system for your family is a major decision, but one that shouldn’t be made on cost alone. All too often, replacing a single part of your system is not the best option – maximum efficiency and reliability depend on the use of a complete matched system. That means replacing the indoor coil and furnace, or heat pump, as well as the outdoor air conditioner. Energy efficiency ratings are determined based on matched systems, and since breakdowns won’t wait for the next paycheck, ask your Trane dealer about financing options that can help you achieve maximum efficiency and reliability with a complete matched system.

When you call us for an estimate, ask about any special financing options – some are available only during certain seasons. We’ll help you choose the most comfortable financing option for your family, making your decision is that much easier. Here are a few of our options: